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Hi! I’m Christine, a busy mom of three in the Zurich area. I build and maintain websites to help others solve their problems, save time, and look great online.

Christine Weeks
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Frustrated with your website?

Maybe you built your own site, but aren’t happy with it. Maybe it used to work, but it doesn’t anymore. Maybe a friend built it for you, but it’s hard to manage. Maybe you just wish it could do more and make your life easier.

Sounds like you need a hand! I’d be glad to have a chat with you to see if I can help. From branding and copywriting to SEO, automation, performance and security, I’m interested in every detail to make your site run smoothly and effectively both for you and your visitors.

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“Christine redid my website for me last year and it has been a game changer. She was so easy to work with. She was very responsive to my ideas and requests and really listened to what I wanted to convey to any potential clients who would find my site. She created something better than I could’ve asked for. The details really show how much thought and effort she put into it, not to mention the behind the scenes stuff I don’t understand at all. She set up things like a calendar and automatic emails for registrations that have made my business life so much easier. I also get monthly reports from her that show how people are finding me and what is working, as well as any updates and fixes that she’s done to the site that month. I have had more traffic to my site and more clients because my site looks professional and welcoming and is finally a true reflection of me and my business. I can’t recommend Christine highly enough.
Christine Bliven
I am here to highly recommend Christine Weeks who has refreshed and made my website look great and work smoothly again! […] I contacted her to rebuild my WordPress based website as mine was not functioning properly and the design was very restricted. I needed a more fluid site, which would first and foremost work both on the computer and handy […] but to also tailor make a site based on what I needed without restrictions.

It was a pleasure to work with her, she was very clear, responsive and patient. We kept the basic layout using WordPress, but the site is now on a compatible and more flexible theme. She also added a photo gallery, calendar, a blog and other things that improved not only the look but the functionality of the site. I was able to give her feedback at all stages using a great feedback-platform, where you see a live version of the site and can make comments on what needs to be changed. She really could add everything I needed, and all very quickly. The process led to a website which I am very happy with, which runs smoothly, looks great and is informative to my customer who which to know when my yoga classes are, or which styles I teach etc. The hassle I had to try and fix the site myself was a nightmare, and having Christine was just great – she is an expert and took away all the stress of trying to build it myself.
Carla Araos
Christine has been an absolute godsend to our company and our website and we have only been working together for a short while. She’s extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and responsive. She doesn’t just fix issues that come up, but she thoroughly searches for issues and anticipates things that could be problematic and gives us comprehensive and easy-to-understand explanations and options to move forward with. Don’t want to have to worry about your website or micromanage your website administrator? She’s your gal. From monthly maintenance to emergency issues or design, she handles it all with professionalism, ease, and a smile 🙂 Thank YOU Christine!”
Megan D.

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