I’ve seen a few sites in the past few months affected by last March’s update in WordPress 3.7 from jQuery 1.12 to jQuery 3.5. Anybody using outdated themes or plugins whose developers hadn’t bothered to update their code to ensure compatibility with jQuery 3.5 was likely to start seeing broken functionality and Javascript errors on their site. (The jQuery Migrate Helper plugin will load the legacy version of jQuery as a temporary fix, but should not be used as a permanent solution.)

One of those affected who came to me for help was Carla Araos, a Zurich-based yoga instructor offering group, private and online yoga classes in English and Spanish. She had done a beautiful job of designing her own WordPress website, but suddenly found her menu was not working anymore!

Since her theme could not be updated, I recommended rebuilding her site, preserving her design, with the easy-to-use, well-supported and flexible Kadence Theme with Kadence Blocks.

We also added a photo gallery, blog, and a few other design and performance improvements, and I was also able to help with some IT issues to get her emails delivered more reliably.

Considering that the updated homepage with its photo gallery loads 37 images totalling 2.3 MB, I was quite happy to see that the page can still load in under 1 second, half the time of the previous site.

All the best to you Carla and your yoga practice! Visit the site here: https://carlaaraos.com/

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